LOST IN HARMONIA is a brand studio creating authentic & ethical lifestyle products.
Style is our approach – always aware of our eco- and sociological impact. To design is what we love because beauty is the key to everything.

We are based in Germany, in the middle of nowhere, in the open countryside, in the heart of mountains, deep in the woods and surrounded by lakes. This is our home, where we grew up. We are deeply in love with nature and are truly impressed by its natural order. But for sure we are also fascinated by the creativity of urban life.

So - let´s start and be good!


Passionate Products - Inspired by Nature!

LOST IN HARMONIA is a creative studio with an emotional message. We wanna spread it with the power of authentic lifestyle products! With a minimalistic approach we produce unique, custom-made and limited edition products.

is our in-house design brand.


Our products are:



/of high quality and long-lasting




/with a haptic you can feel and see


Our goal is to create products that become „your beloved item”.

One afternoon in cologne my four-year-old daughter asked me to listen to her while she painted some kind of A-frame houses. She came close to me and whispered into my ear: Papi - is there such a place called Harmonia anywhere? I said that I am not sure, but that it sounds great. Maybe we create our own "Harmonia". She went on painting animals, humans, trees, dancers, skiers and even houses that were able to run as she went on explaining her scribbles.

At that time we were searching for a special name to start an ecological design brand. I looked out of the window, over the skyline of cologne longing for nature.

My daughter stated another quote: "Gönn Dir Geduld” that means as much as “be patient with yourself”. We were deeply impressed and amazed what a four-year-old kid is able to identify and set in context.



There is a great affinity for story-telling through design. LOST IN HARMONIA defines design as a carrier for emotions and a positive message to the world! We live a future-oriented brand philosophy with the focus on social and ecological innovation. Slow instead of fast. Unique instead of mass. It is all about a minimalistic approach when it comes to the creation/ development of your products. Forever reflecting our roots. LOST IN HARMONIA aims to collaborate with mostly local but also international creatives and craftsmen. We go out, get in touch and inspired by others and start to create!


“To design is what we love because beauty is the key to everything.”