LOST IN HARMONIA is running a studio with creatives & craftsmen. We create custom-made and authentic design products as merchandise tools to be part of your lifestyle-marketing and CSR-activites. We develop concepts and full-range collections. We have an holistic, aesthetic requirement to the products we produce.

This holistic mentality is spread over our complete working process. It starts with the creation (trendresearch, level of innovation degree) and production (locally, fair, handmade) and includes distribution (the right markets on- and offline) and for sure the communication (the right media and channels for fixed target groups).


Nowadays many of the younger people (Generation Y, Millenium Kids, Generation Z) and early adopters (LOHAS) are living a dynamic urban life. Longing for a meaningful existence, they are yearningly celebrating nature. Nature is calming and inspirational. Innovation is state of the art but in an eco-technological und socio-cultural way.

Our time is shaped by a paradigm change with an unterstanding that ressources are limited. Being aware of what ecological and social effects have on our own actions. Custom-made and sustainable lifestyle-products are still a niche but with a high potential for growth. There is an increasing importance in ethical consumption!


We are aesthetes and nerds testing materials, fabrics, finishing techniques, new cuts & shapes - firstly with our own collection. Secondly we incorporate the best results to your product range.

As a collective of creatives and craftsmen we strive for new collaborations. We like to open our innovation process to design stylish and authentic lifestyle products that make sense and generate a great demand on the market. Therefore we use various methods like trendresearch in cities, nature, subcultural scenes and the inspiration and passion of our team and partners.

In our studio we use all kind of materials, techniques, machines and tools to manufacture unique products that become a „beloved item“.



/Textile fabrics as organic cotton, linen, modal

/Recycled man-made fibres

/Organic leather or SnapPap

/All kinds of certified or upcycled wood

/Paper or cardboard


/Recycled plastics & rubbers

/Innovative materials like polymers of corn
















/Silk screen printing machine

/Branding iron

/Sewing machine

/All kind of saws

/Riveting pliers



/Graphic Pads


/Original typewriters

Development of sales strategies depending on the market situation and the target group to be attracted. In correlation with your plans and marketing goals, it´s our endeavor to expose the right markets. We are running an own online shop and a showroom in HH, Germany with good connections to concept- and eco-stores as well as special online-shops.


/Focus on On- and Offline markets called multi-channeling

/Integration of your own shop in the strategy

/Selling by platform shops (etsy, amazon)

/Events, Fairs, Markets, Festival, Shows

/Innovative new formats of distribution like Pop-Up

Development/ implementation of communication strategies, content generation, selection of relevant off- and online channels to attract target groups and customers.

/Above-the-line methods

/Below-the-line methods

/Creation and production of content

(lyrically, audio and audio-visual)

/Conception and realization of video- and photoshoots (product, image)

/Supporting communication measures in the new media segment

/Selection of the right social media channels & support

/Media-planning and editing

/Consulting PR